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Baan Tepa

บ้านเตปาบูติคเฮ้าส์ บ้านพักใกล้สวนอัมพรเพียง 100 เมตร (google map)

สนใจเข้าพักช่วงเทศกาลรับปริญญา สามารถ ติดต่อล่วงหน้าได้ที่ หรือ FB/baantepa



Welcome to Bangkok. Someone says it is an amazing city, or whatever, but you can try with your own way, your own style.

About us – Baan Tepa Boutique House, you can get information from our website or from our partner such as TripAdvisor, agoda,, facebook and so on. It is an old-house that have been transformed to hotel (B&B, lodge or Home-stay) with the house-style, 7 room for service.

It would be suit for someone who want to touch a local (not too much tourist) and like the quiet place.

On our web site, we provide and update some information for your travel around ฺBangkok. You can check from ‘In A Few Steps’, ‘Trip Tip’. We will update as much as we can.

Tip for your conversation with local:

Hello = Sawasdee ; You can say this word for greeting, all time of the day.

Thank you = Khob Khun

How are you? = Sa bai dee mai?

Good luck = Chok Dee

See you later = Laew Jer Gun Mai

To make polite, You may end the word or sentence with Krab(for men) or Kha(for women).


FYI, Again, about our accommodation, someone may like it, but someone don’t. This note is just for your consideration, because we want you to find a hotel that suit for your trip.

Wish you have a nice day and a great trip 🙂

Baan Tepa Boutique House

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